Noelle L’Etoile, PhD - Principal Investigator

We like to work at the interface between and organism and its shifting environment.  In Arnie Berk’s lab I was trained as a biochemist. His rigorous training impelled me to study behavioral plasticity at the level of molecular interactions.  In Cori Bargmann’s lab, I was introduced to the charismatic C. elegans.  With her typical largess, Cori allowed her lab unfettered access to any question we might want to pose about the nervous system of this microscopic worm.  I became enchanted with the worm and in our lab, we to attempt to have it all - to understand behavioral plasticity at the molecular, cellular and circuit levels. 

Mary Bethke, MS - Staff Research        

        Associate III and Lab Manager                                                 

Chantal Brüggemann, PhD -

                            Postdoctoral Fellow

Current personnel

Katie Mellman -

                            PhD Student

Aarati Asundi -

                        PhD Student

Former Personnel

Name                                                                Current Position

Sarah Gerhart                                                                                                                          

Damien O'Halloran                                            Assistant Professor,

                                                                            George Washington University                                                                         

Jin Lee (former grad student)                            Posttdoc, Linda Buck Lab,

                                                                             Univ. of Washington

Julia Kaye (former grad student)                       Postdoc, Steve Finkbeiner Lab,


Jeff Eastham-Anderson                                     Research Scientist, Genentech

                 (former masters student)                     South San Francisco

Oldham Scott Hamilton (former grad student)                                    

Christopher Morales

Kimberly Collins

Anu Gupta   

Nadia Gronachon

Sara Helverstein


Natalie Rose

Brett Goldsworthy

Gloriana Gallegos-Trujillo

Bi-Tzen Juang, PhD -

                            Postdoctoral Fellow

Kelli Benedetti -

                            PhD Student

Adriel-john Ablaza -

                            Masters Student

Fernando Munoz Lobato, PhD -

                            Postdoctoral Fellow